HARTFORD, Conn. - Though Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is hoping his next job is as his state's Governor, maybe he should look into fortune-telling.

When he announced a recall of toothpaste manufactured in China last month, he claimed "Made in China" should be a warning to consumers.

Thursday, a nationwide recall of automobile tires made by a Chinese company began.

"These tires are prone to premature, potentially deadly blow outs, so consumers should err on the side of caution -- check your tires immediately and return them to retailers for free replacements if they are recalled," Blumenthal said. "If motorists are unsure, they should drive to a tire dealer for an inspection. The faster consumers and retailers act, the faster these dangerously defective tires will be off our roads."

The recall is of 255,000 light truck radial tires made by Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co. of Hangzhou between early 2004-mid-2006.

Foreign Tire Sales of New Jersey imported the tires, which include the brands Westlake, Compass and YKS. The tires are apparently susceptible premature tread separation.

"Our multistate investigation is active and ongoing," Blumenthal said. "Our three goals remain: recovering money for consumer victims, removing tires from the road and stopping illegal practices."

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