COLUMBUS, Ohio - When Robert Cupp is sworn in today as Ohio's 151st Supreme Court Justice, the state's Chamber of Commerce will view it as a victory for business.

Along with the re-election of Justice Terrance O'Donnell, Cupp's election-day victory over Ben Espy pleased the Chamber.

"The elections of Justice O'Donnell and Judge Cupp will guarantee we won't return anytime soon to the days when an activist majority caused great uncertainty in our legal system and had a chilling effect on our economic climate," Ohio Chamber President and CEO Andrew Doehrel said in a release.

Cupp spent 16 years as a member in the Ohio Senate and says he is dedicated to making the law stable and predictable. Before his election to the Supreme Court, Cupp served on the Third District Court of Appeals.

"Judge Cupp's respect for our constitution and the role it defines for the judiciary will make him an excellent addition to the Court," Doehrel said. "We appreciate his commitment to providing a system of justice that is stable, predictable and fair.

"That kind of legal climate is exactly what Ohio needs in order to attract new investment and businesses and create jobs."
says Cupp's election completed a major restructuring of the state's Supreme Court.

The site says that of a "Gang of Four" group of justices that acted as a super-legislature and adversely impacted the state's economic climate, only Justice Paul Pfeifer is left on the bench.

In addition to Pfeiffer, Cupp and O'Donnell, Ohio's Supreme Court now features Chief Justice Thomas Moyer and Justices Evelyn Lundberg Stratton, Maureen O'Connor and Judith Ann Lanzinger.

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