N.C. AG sues Medrano Express

by Bryan Cohen |
Jun. 19, 2014, 8:57pm

RALEIGH, N.C. (Legal Newsline) - North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper announced a lawsuit on Wednesday against an international shipping company that allegedly failed to deliver consumer packages.

Cooper sued Medrano Express and individual defendants William Velasco, Telma Ayala and Jorge Medrano after receiving 118 consumer complaints alleging the company failed to deliver packages as promised, provided false shipping date estimates and/or failed to return undelivered packages or provide refunds.

Cooper alleged Medrano Express accepted packages with no intention of delivering them, instead storing the packages at multiple sites throughout the country.

The lawsuit requests that the court order the defendants to return all unshipped packages to consumers or reimburse consumers for the value of the package's contents.

"Businesses have a responsibility to complete their end of the deal with consumers," Cooper said. "Packages should be delivered to their rightful owners or paid for."

Cooper's lawsuit also seeks a permanent ban against the defendants' allegedly deceptive practices, civil penalties and refunds of shipping costs for consumers.

The Federal Maritime Commission and Miami Dade Consumer Protection recently found more than 200 boxes collected by Medrano Express that were allegedly abandoned in a warehouse in Miami. Two packages from the warehouse were matched with North Carolina residents.

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