NEWARK, N.J. (Legal Newsline) - New Jersey Acting Attorney General John Hoffman's office announced a lawsuit Tuesday against a home furniture company that allegedly took thousands of dollars in payments from consumers and failed to deliver the furniture.

JLT Millworks Inc. and Janice Tupper, the company's principal, allegedly engaged in multiple violations of New Jersey's Consumer Fraud Act and Home Furniture and Furnishings Regulations. Hoffman's office received 12 complaints in which consumers alleged they paid more than $70,000 in non-refundable deposits only to receive damaged or non-conforming home furniture and furnishings. Some consumers allegedly never received the furniture and furnishings they paid for.

"We've taken this action because consumers did not get what they paid for with their hard-earned money," Hoffman said. "The alleged legal violations committed by Tupper harmed consumers and our goal is to get consumers refunds or delivery of their merchandise."

The lawsuit alleges that JLT Millworks and Tupper violated the Consumer Fraud Act by making false promises and misrepresentations and committing unconscionable commercial practices. The defendants allegedly violated the Home Furniture and Furnishings Regulations by issuing contracts to consumers that failed to contain required language about the delivery of furniture and consumer rights when delivery dates are not honored.

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