AUSTIN, Texas (Legal Newsline) -- Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott warned consumers Thursday about door-to-door security system sellers using deceptive tactics to make a sale.

The summer months often have more door-to-door salespeople in neighborhoods throughout Texas and a common door-to-door sale involves security systems, Abbott said.

Door-to-door salespersons may claim to be selling security systems and security system components or may claim to be conducting a test, repair or upgrade for the homeowner's existing security system company, the attorney general said.

While some salespersons are legitimate, others may be taking advantage of trusting Texans, he said.

Abbott's office warned Texans who answer the door for a salesperson claiming to sell security systems, or stating that a system needs to be changed, of possible scams.

Door-to-door sellers of alarm systems require a registration with the Texas Department of Public Safety's Private Security Board, and must carry and present a DPS-issued pocket identification registration.

Homeowners can ask for identification to ensure the seller has the official registration on hand. Texans can also check the DPS website to confirm a security company is licensed before signing a contract, Abbott said.

State law also requires that door-to-door sellers must advise both in writing and orally of the right to cancel a sale within three business days, the attorney general said.

The seller must give the homeowner a contract or receipt that states the name and address of the merchant, the date of the sale and the consumer's right to cancel.

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