RALEIGH, N.C. (Legal Newsline) - North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper has announced a court order against an Orange County driveway paver who allegedly scammed homeowners out of thousands of dollars.

At Cooper's request, Wake County Superior Court Judge Howard Manning Jr. issued a temporary restraining order on Thursday against Jimmy Stevens and Stevens' companies, including Big Time Paving, Power Black Top Paving, Ace Paving and Orange Paving. Cooper received four complaints about Stevens and his paving companies.

"Paving scammers use the promise of a good deal available now or never to scam homeowners out of thousands of dollars," Cooper said. "These hit-and-run scammers take consumers' money, do a shoddy job, and then move on to another town in search of new victims."

Stevens allegedly approached homeowners, especially seniors, and offered to pave their driveway at what he claimed was a steep discount for using leftover materials from a nearby job. He allegedly began work without the homeowner ever seeing or signing a contract. Stevens allegedly told consumers he would return in three days to check on the driveway after the material hardened. He allegedly never returned and left soft, poorly paved driveways.

Cooper's office previously warned Stevens to start providing written contracts and telling customers about a three-day right to cancel, or face action in court.

Cooper is seeking a permanent ban against Stevens' driveway businesses, refunds for consumers and civil penalties.

"Don't get steamrolled by a paving scammer," Cooper said. "Be skeptical of anyone who knocks at your door offering to work on your home, and always check out a company thoroughly and get estimates in writing first.

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