TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Legal Newsline) - Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and 22 other attorneys general called on Urban Outfitters on Wednesday to stop its prescription line of items intended to look similar to prescription drug labels.

The line of drink holders, glasses, coasters and other items look like prescription drug labels and pads. The attorneys general brought Urban Outfitters' attention to the current nationwide prescription drug crisis.

"As you may be aware, there is a national health crisis related to the abuse and diversion of prescription drugs," the attorneys general said. "As attorneys general, we have prosecuted and engaged in outreach to stop this epidemic. We are actively engaged in a campaign of environmental change to educate the public that abuse of prescription drugs is not safe simply because the medication originated from a doctor. By putting these highly recognizable labels on your products you are undermining our efforts. These products demean the thousands of deaths that occur each month in the United States from accidental overdoses."

Bondi, having previously led efforts in Florida to end prescription drug abuse, said profiting from the prescription line goes against the state's attempts to stop drug overdoses.

"Profiting from a 'prescription line' that is contrary to Florida's efforts to combat prescription drug overdoses and drinking is unacceptable," Bondi said. "We are calling on Urban Outfitters to forgo a few sales and help us save a lot of lives."

The states and territories represented in the letter included Wyoming, Utah, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Ohio, New Mexico, Montana, Mississippi, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Kentucky, Iowa, Illinois, Hawaii, Guam, Florida, Colorado, California, Arkansas and Arizona.

Bondi has worked with the Florida legislature to pass strict new laws and regulations to close pill mills and to establish the Prescription Drug Abuse and Newborns Task Force.

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