TRENTON, N.J. (Legal Newsline) - New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa released the final report of the New Jersey SAFE Task Force on Wednesday, an evaluation of violence, gun control, addiction, mental health and school safety in the state.

The report and its recommendations look at the role and effectiveness of policies such as gun control enforcement, regulation and laws, addiction and mental health, school security and violence in the media and how the policies safeguard the state's citizens. The task force's report, which is the product of public hearings and two months of research, contains 50 actionable recommendations.

The 50 recommendations include requiring that firearms purchaser identification cards be renewed periodically, ensuring appropriate punishment for criminals who maintain an arsenal, launching a public outreach campaign to de-stigmatize mental illness, helping to educate parents on how to make healthy media choices for their children and implementing a suspicious activity hotline for school safety.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie created the SAFE Task Force on January 17 by executive order. The membership of the group was comprised of individuals with expertise in the fields of school safety, mental health diagnosis and treatment, gun control, law enforcement and addiction services and treatment. Christie created the task force to take a more expansive look at the problem of violent crime, including mass gun violence.

The task force held regular meetings, reviewed written public submissions and met with representatives of state agencies.

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