General Electric Company (GE) filed a lawsuit against the University of Virginia Patent Foundation (UVAPF) on  Monday after UVAPF claimed that it owned the patents governing GE’s CubeTM products.

GE’s CubeTM products include the 3D fast spin echo sequence for its magnetic resonance imaging systems.

UVAPF alleged in a letter to GE that it owns the patents for that technology. 

GE is seeking a declaration from the court that it has not infringed on any patents. GE also seeks the awarding of reasonable attorneys’ fees.

GE is represented by Brian D. Roche and David A. Rammelt of Reed Smith, LLP in Chicago; and David T. Pollock and Jonathan I. Detrixhe of Reed Smith, LLC in San Francisco.

United Stated District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin case number 2:14-cv-01529.

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