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Ten of the longest names

By John O'Brien | Aug 6, 2010

While researching this article on silica claims, we came across the word "Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis," which refers to a lung disease caused by exposure to silica fibers and is the longest word in the dictionary. This week, Legal Newsline looks at the 10 state supreme court justices with the longest names, and no hyphens or

Too many cats can cause car wrecks, S.D. SC rules

By John O'Brien | Jun 24, 2010

Gilbertson PIERRE, S.D. (Legal Newsline) - Fifteen cats roaming free in a moving car are a public safety concern, the South Dakota Supreme Court ruled Wednesday.

S.D. justices invalidate gambling-tainted note

By Kathy Woods | Nov 12, 2009

PIERRE, S.D. (Legal Newsline)-A $1,500 gambling debt nullifies a loan of $33,000, the South Dakota Supreme Court has ruled.

Justices say city must pay $3.8 million over car crash

By Chris Rizo | Jul 20, 2008

South Dakota Supreme Court justices PIERRE, S.D. (Legal Newsline)--The South Dakota Supreme Court says Rapid City must pay $3.85 million in damages to the parents of a teenager who suffered brain damage after being trapped underwater following a car crash.

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