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Med-mal claim against Tempe hospital to proceed after settlement with surgeon

By John Breslin | Jul 24, 2018

PHOENIX (Legal Newsline) – Three patients who claimed negligence by a doctor during surgery can continue their independent claim against the hospital where the procedure took place, the Arizona Supreme Court has ruled.

Arizona AG comments on state supreme court decision to deny in-state college tuition to DACA recipients

By Mark Iandolo | Jun 6, 2018

PHOENIX (Legal Newsline) — Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich recently announced that the Arizona Supreme Court unanimously held that Maricopa County Community College District cannot grant in-state tuition benefits to DACA recipients.

Arizona Supreme Court 'troubled' by use of Restatement of Restitution in negligence case

By Elizabeth Alt | Mar 13, 2018

PHOENIX (Legal Newsline) – On Feb. 8, the Supreme Court of Arizona answered certified questions from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to clarify questions in a dispute among a car rental company, an insurance company and individuals injured in an accident.

Arizona Supreme Court rejects constitutional challenge to hospital assessment

By Dee Thompson | Dec 1, 2017

PHOENIX (Legal Newsline) – The Arizona Supreme Court has reversed and remanded a case involving an assessment of hospitals to provide funds to expand medical coverage for low-income citizens of Arizona.

Arizona Supreme Court affirms ruling in case regarding expert witnesses

By Russell Boniface | Nov 21, 2017

PHOENIX (Legal Newsline) – The Arizona Supreme Court affirmed a trial court’s decision and denied a motion for a new trial in a case involving whether an expert witness can be excluded from hearing or reviewing the trial testimony of other witnesses.

Arizona's high court clarifies expert witness qualifications in malpractice case

By John Severance | Oct 31, 2017

PHOENIX (Legal Newsline) -- The Arizona Supreme Court has clarified questions about the qualifications of expert witnesses in deciding a medical malpractice case involving a patient who sustained bedsores after undergoing a surgery in 2011.

Though successful in arbitration, hospital can't bring suit against former CEO

By Dee Thompson | Aug 7, 2017

PHOENIX (Legal Newsline) – The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that a hospital may not litigate against its former CEO claims that were permissive counterclaims in a previous arbitration.

Ariz. Supreme Court affirms judge's right to reduce jury verdict

By David Hutton | Jul 20, 2017

PHOENIX (Legal Newsline) – The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that the constitutional right of jurors to determine a monetary award doesn’t preclude a judge from ruling their decisions as excessive.

Arizona Supreme Court reinstates wrongful death case against nursing home

By Zachary Lewis | Jul 7, 2017

PHOENIX (Legal Newsline) – The Arizona Supreme Court has overturned a lower court order granting summary judgment to health care provider ManorCare over the death of a patient.

Arizona court rules that patient owes a duty of reasonable care to caregivers

By Elizabeth Alt | Jun 15, 2017

PHOENIX (Legal Newsline) – The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that former caregiver Jeanette M. Sanders, can proceed with her lawsuit against a former client, a disabled elderly man named Francis Alger she claims caused serious injuries after he neglected her warnings and fell on her.

Arizona SC rules $1.4 million late fee is an ‘unenforceable penalty’

By Jessica Karmasek | May 12, 2017

A majority of the state Supreme Court, in its April 25 decision, concluded the fee couldn’t reasonably predict the bank’s loss and did not “reasonably approximate” the costs of handling and processing the late balloon payment.

Arizona SC overturns ‘prevailing party’ definition in contract case

By Laura Halleman | Apr 5, 2017

The state's highest court has redefined the term, altering a lower court's decision and allowing for attorney fees to be awarded.

Arizona Supreme Court to decide liability in take-home asbestos exposure case

By Dee Thompson | Mar 16, 2017

PHOENIX (Legal Newsline) – The Arizona Supreme Court is considering whether a company should be liable for injuries caused by an employee taking home asbestos fibers on his clothing, years ago. It will hear oral arguments on April 25 in the case of Quiroz v. Alcoa.

Ariz. court rejects 'take-home' asbestos claims, feared limitless liability

By Kristin Danley-Greiner | Oct 26, 2016

PHOENIX (Legal Newsline) - Arizona has joined the list of states refusing to allow claims for what's called "take-home" asbestos exposure.

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