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Paint companies criticize Lynch's abatement plan

By John O'Brien | Nov 26, 2007

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Three paint companies continued to argue with Rhode Island Attorney General Patrick Lynch Monday, filing a motion to strike Lynch's lead paint abatement plan that would cost them a total of $2.4 billion.

Del. SC gives Mercedes to dealership

By John O'Brien | Nov 20, 2007

Jacobs DOVER, Del. - An automobile dealership finally had its clerical error overturned by the Delaware Supreme Court after years of disputes.

Sherwin-Williams slams AG Lynch, Motley Rice in motion

By John O'Brien | Nov 1, 2007

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - One of the paint companies found liable in Rhode Island's landmark lead paint case had a clear message for state Attorney General Patrick Lynch in a motion filed Wednesday.

Hood: Opponent a tort reform hypocrite

By John O'Brien | Oct 18, 2007

Hood JACKSON, Miss. - Mississippi voters may be wondering which is the better option -- corruption or hypocrisy.

More lead paint decisions coming soon

By John O'Brien | Jun 14, 2007

The Supreme Courts of New Jersey and Ohio will soon make their decisions on the viability of public nuisance lawsuits against paint companies that once produced lead paint.

Lead paint lawsuit tide follows landmark Supreme Court ruling

By Legal News Line | May 1, 2007

Justice Louis B. Butler MADISON -- Last month's Wisconsin Supreme Court election that replaced Jon P. Wilcox with controversial fellow-conservative Annette Ziegler is rumored to have cost over $6 million.

Fla. SC won't answer punitive damages question in sexual harassment case

By John O'Brien | Apr 5, 2007

Pariente TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Claiming jurisdiction was carelessly granted to do so, the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday decided that it would not answer a certified question regarding an employer's liability for punitive damages.

Doctor's orders, not medical basis, still the Workers' Comp standard in Delaware

By John O'Brien | Mar 2, 2007

Berger DOVER, Del. - The Delaware Supreme Court recently held a doctor's no work order is good enough for a Workers' Compensation claimant to receive total disability benefits, even if no medical basis is shown for it.

Post-trial motions denied in AG Lynch's lead paint case

By John O'Brien | Feb 26, 2007

Lynch PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Rhode Island Attorney General Patrick Lynch scored another victory Monday in his case against lead-based paint manufacturers when a Superior Court judge denied the companies' motions for a new trial and judgment as a matter of law.

Ohio AG backs veto of lawsuit-limiting bill

By John O'Brien | Jan 10, 2007

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann on Monday commended new Gov. Ted Strickland's veto of a bill that would have limited lawsuits against lead-pigment manufacturers.

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