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Asbestos report shows St. Clair County taking spot on list of 'top 10' jurisdictions; 96 percent are lung cancer cases

By Ann Maher | Mar 20, 2018

While the number of new asbestos cases in hotspot jurisdictions across the country is declining overall - and in all types of diseases - the docket in St. Clair County is surging almost exclusively with lung cancer cases.

W.Va. firm blames almost 300 companies in each asbestos lawsuit

By Jessica Karmasek | Jun 29, 2016

The average number of companies targeted by some of the biggest asbestos firms in their lawsuits is in the triple-figures, according to recent statistics, leading some, especially those in claims management, to question the strategy of plaintiffs’ lawyers.

Garlock seeking info from asbestos firms to boost racketeering claims

By John O'Brien | Oct 2, 2015

Some asbestos law firms are being dragged into racketeering lawsuits against their colleagues. Now that a federal judge has affirmed its right to do so, Garlock Sealing Technologies recently issued subpoenas to 29 law firms, including Baron & Budd, Brayton Purcell and Williams Kherker Hart Boundas.

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