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J&J finally gets chance to question opioids researcher during Oklahoma trial, fights 'kingpin' remark

By John Sammon | Jun 14, 2019

NORMAN , Okla. (Legal Newsline) – On his third day of testimony, an opioids researcher was cross-examined by attorneys for Johnson & Johnson as the company defends itself from allegations that it is to blame for the nation's addiction crisis.

Oklahoma witness in opioid trial says drug users not to blame for addiction crisis

By John Sammon | Jun 13, 2019

NORMAN, Okla. (Legal Newsline) – During a second day of testimony, an opioid researcher questioned by private attorneys hired by the State of Oklahoma said opioid sellers like Johnson & Johnson sought to shift blame for a prescription drug epidemic onto those not responsible.

Opioids researcher takes stand to criticize J&J in Oklahoma trial

By John Sammon | Jun 12, 2019

NORMAN, Okla. (Legal Newsline) – An opioids researcher on Tuesday compared doctors over-prescribing opioids to the breaking of a figurative dam that flooded Oklahoma - and the country - during testimony in an important trial taking place in the state.

Marketing of J&J's opioids discussed at Oklahoma's big trial

By John Sammon | Jun 11, 2019

NORMAN, Okla. (Legal Newsline) – A marketing specialist told attorneys for the State of Oklahoma on Monday that the rise in the sales of opioid drugs could be tied to a similar rise over the same period from 1996 to 2017 to deaths from overdose.

Okla. AG's lawyers offer testimony of addict in big opioid trial, but witness said he never used J&J's products

By John Sammon | Jun 10, 2019

NORMAN, Okla. (Legal Newsline) – A resident of this small Oklahoma town recounted the hell of his addiction to opioid drugs that began with a legal prescription and then spiraled out of control, testifying in a lawsuit accusing Johnson & Johnson of causing a drug epidemic.

Oklahoma making its case in big opioid trial with director of Kentucky pain clinic

By John Sammon | Jun 7, 2019

NORMAN, Okla. (Legal Newsline) – The director of a Kentucky pain clinic on Thursday told attorneys for the State of Oklahoma that pharmaceutical companies like Janssen, the drug division of Johnson & Johnson, organized a campaign of misinformation to sell opioids and make money.

Oklahoma's hired guns continue to portray Johnson & Johnson as evil to judge in opioid trial

By John Sammon | Jun 6, 2019

NORMAN, Okla. (Legal Newsline) – On Wednesday, private attorneys hired by the State of Oklahoma on a contingency fee accused Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the drug arm of Johnson & Johnson, of ignoring the warning signs of a nationwide addiction crisis in order to maximize profit.

In high-profile opioid trial, Johnson & Johnson reminds that its addiction warnings were approved by the FDA

By John Sammon | Jun 5, 2019

NORMAN, Okla. (Legal Newsline) – Defense attorneys for Johnson & Johnson took over the questioning of Kimberly Deem-Eshleman, southeast regional business director for Janssen Pharmaceuticals and the marketer of its opioid drug Nucynta, attempting to establish that drug labels had provided plenty of warnings about possible addiction.

Janssen exec questioned for third day by Oklahoma's hired guns in big opioid trial

By John Sammon | Jun 3, 2019

NORMAN, Okla. (Legal Newsline) – In the closely watched opioid trial taking place in Oklahoma, private attorneys representing the State on Monday sought to portray Johnson & Johnson and its drug subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals as marketing drugs like Nucynta for profit in order to feed an opioid epidemic they ignored.

State presses Janssen's business director over sales rep notes as OK opioid trial continues

By John Sammon | Jun 3, 2019

NORMAN (Legal Newsline) – Attorneys representing the State of Oklahoma on Friday displayed slips from salesmen and women representing Johnson & Johnson’s drug subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals in which again and again the reps touted the drug Duragesic as being “low abuse potential.”

J&J top corporate rep grilled in Oklahoma opioid trial - state focuses on 'Norman' poppy strain

By John Sammon | May 30, 2019

NORMAN (Legal Newsline) – A corporate spokeswoman for Johnson & Johnson and its drug subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals on Thursday faced questioning by lawyers for the State of Oklahoma who attempted to link the company’s quest for profits to an opioid epidemic in the state.

Father recounts loss of son in Oklahoma Johnson & Johnson opioid trial

By John Sammon | May 30, 2019

NORMAN, Okla. (Legal Newsline) – Fighting back tears, a father who lost his son to an opioid overdose recounted the nightmare during testimony in a trial alleging that Johnson & Johnson flooded the state with addictive drugs for profit.

Opening remarks in opioid case against Johnson & Johnson alleges greed created drug epidemic

By John Sammon | May 28, 2019

NORMAN, Okla. (Legal Newsline) – Opening arguments began Tuesday in a first-ever trial in attempt to hold drug manufacturers accountable for an opioid over-dose crisis, accusing Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary company Janssen Pharmaceuticals of providing medications for profit that destroyed thousands of lives.

In latest talc trial, J&J accused of causing woman’s mesothelioma; Defense maintains asbestos not in baby powder

By John Sammon | Apr 24, 2019

ALAMEDA (Legal Newsline) – Trial opened on April 22 in which a woman is claiming her use of Johnson & Johnson baby powder caused her to develop mesothelioma, pitting plaintiff attorneys accusing the company of negligence against defense attorneys who characterize the contraction of illness as a natural and unexplainable event.

Just before trial, Washington AG Ferguson's Ethicon case against Johnson & Johnson settles

By John Sammon | Apr 22, 2019

SEATTLE (Legal Newsline) – A lawsuit launched by Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson against Johnson & Johnson for a pelvic mesh implant it sold called the “Ethicon” has been settled out of court according to a report from Courtroom View Network (CVN).

Washington suit against Ethicon over pelvic mesh implant begins Monday

By John Sammon | Apr 18, 2019

SEATTLE (Legal Newsline) – The lawsuit of Washington State’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson against Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon for selling a pelvic mesh implant to women that allegedly caused chronic pain, infections and medical complications will begin on Monday, April 22, another in a long line of lawsuits over the past several years that contend the implants are dangerous.

New Jersey jury rules for Johnson & Johnson in talc-mesothelioma case

By John Sammon | Mar 27, 2019

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J., (Legal Newsline) – A jury on Wednesday decided Johnson & Johnson was not at fault in a lawsuit brought by a man who alleged that the company’s baby powder was contaminated with asbestos and caused his mesothelioma.

New Jersey talc-meso trial winds down, verdict expected today

By John Sammon | Mar 27, 2019

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (Legal Newsline) – During closing arguments on Tuesday, attorneys for Johnson & Johnson seemed to stick to their strategy suggesting that plaintiff Ricardo Rimondi’s mesothelioma came as a result of his once living near a factory in Lima, Peru that dealt with asbestos-laden cement and not from J&J baby powder.

Asbestos history lesson for jurors in N.J. talc trial

By John Sammon | Mar 21, 2019

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (Legal Newsline) – A professor of science history at Columbia University on Monday told a jury how asbestos came to be regarded as a deadly toxic substance in a trial to determine if Johnson & Johnson baby powder caused Ricardo Rimondi’s mesothelioma.

J&J attorney attempts to tie plaintiff's mesothelioma to a factory in Peru and not baby powder

By John Sammon | Mar 21, 2019

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (Legal Newsline) – In the trial of a man suing Johnson & Johnson over allegations the company's asbestos-tainted baby powder caused him to develop mesothelioma, Johnson & Johnson's attorneys on Wednesday attempted to pin the blame on a factory in Lima, Peru.

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