Shaun Zinck Sep. 1, 2015, 2:40pm

Best Buy is being sued for allegedly canceling gift cards that were purchased at a steep discount on its website.

Anthony Martinez and Erubey Nunez filed the lawsuit Aug. 21 in California Superior Court against the large electronics retailer.

On July 15, the company accidentally labeled $200 gift cards for $15. However, after customers purchased the gift cards, Best Buy allegedly canceled the order and refunded the money. The lawsuit is claiming the gift cards were “falsely, fraudulently, deceptively, deceitfully and repeatedly represented and advertised as discounted gift cards for purchase on the BEST BUY website.”

“Throughout the relevant time period, (Best Buy) has carried out a deliberate and systematic scheme of misrepresenting to consumers the availability for purchase reduced priced gift cards,” according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit is seeking class status for all California residents who purchased the discounted gift cards, and subsequently had their orders canceled. The plaintiffs are also seeking an unspecified amount in damages plus court costs.

The plaintiffs are represented by Kevin Mahoney, Biovan Brown, Jennifer Han and Treana L. Allen of Mahoney Law Group, APC in Long Beach, California. 

Superior Court of the State of California County of Los Angeles case number 2:15-cv-06407-DSF-AJW

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